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Eastern District of Texas

Judge Rodney Gilstrap, Chief Judge
David A. O'Toole, Clerk of Court

CM/ECF Registration

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* Attorneys will automatically be registered for CM/ECF and receive account information during the attorney admission process.  *

An ECF user is able to electronically file documents and consents to receive a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) of documents filed in ECF. Please note that registering for ECF in the District Court does not provide access to electronically file in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas. You must follow the bankruptcy court's registration requirements found on their website at

Eligibility Requirements

You should not register for ECF if you have previously registered.

NOTE:  If you receive ECF notice (or notifications) because you are an attorney of record in a case transferred from another district (where you were already registered), you will need to contact the Attorney Admissions Clerk at (903) 590-1007 before you begin your registration for the Eastern District of Texas.

If you have previously registered and need to update telephone number, email address or add, modify or delete secondary recipients on your account, please follow the instructions found in "Maintaining Your Account".  If you need to change your physical address or firm name follow the instructions for "Change of Name and Address", for assistance, please contact the Attorney Admissions Clerk at (903) 590-1007. If you forgot your ECF login or password, click here.


You are eligible for  an ECF account if you are registering for yourself AND

  1. You are a licensed attorney who intends to make an appearance in a case in this court, OR you are a non-prisoner pro se civil litigant who has already made an appearance as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil case in this court;
  2. You have read the Local Rules.

Local Rules CV(5)(a)(2)

(2) Registration for Electronic Filing.

(A) The clerk shall register all attorneys admitted to the bar of this court, including those admitted pro hac vice, as Filing Users of the court's Electronic Filing System. Registration as a Filing User constitutes consent to electronic service of all documents as provided in these rules in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure. The clerk shall provide Filing Users with a user log-in and password once registration is completed. Filing Users agree to protect the security of their passwords and immediately notify the clerk if they learn that their password has been compromised. After registration, attorneys are required to maintain their own account information, including changes in e-mail address. Documents sent from the court will be deemed delivered if sent to the last known e-mail address given to the court.

(B) If the court permits, a party to a pending proceeding who is not represented by an attorney may register as a Filing User in the Electronic Filing System solely for purposes of the action. If, during the course of the proceeding, the party retains an attorney who appears on the party's behalf, the attorney must advise the clerk to terminate the party's registration as a Filing User upon the attorney's appearance.

(C) A Filing User may apply to the court for permission to withdraw from participation in the Electronic Filing System for good cause shown.


* Fill out the ECF Registration Form only at the direction of the attorney admissions clerk  *