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Eastern District of Texas

Judge Rodney Gilstrap, Chief Judge
David A. O'Toole, Clerk of Court

Official Court Reporter

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Official Court Reporters are responsible for recording court proceedings in court and in chambers, for producing requested transcripts, and for filing required copies of transcripts with the Clerk of Court. Duties include:
• Attending and recording verbatim reporting of proceedings held before the judicial officers and for the transcription of those proceedings upon request. Ability to read back all or any portions of the court record, to perform well under pressure, to produce transcripts within strict time limitations, and to work as part of a team of reporters for the judges of this court.
• Knowledge, skill and ability to produce accurate transcription utilizing computer-aided translation. Familiarity with and adherence to all requirements of the Court Reporter Management Plan for the district.
• Determine billing and formats which comply with the Judicial Conference requirements. Delivering and/or mailing official transcripts prepared. Certifying and filing with the Clerk of Court original records and a copy of transcripts prepared. Maintain accurate and legible records which are subject to audits. Preparation and filing of all reports required by the Administrative Office.
• Responding timely to official correspondence. Compliance with all administrative duties assigned by his or her manager and the court. Responsible for providing and maintaining his or her own court compatible equipment.
• Travel will be required to cover court proceedings at other divisional offices within the district. Perform other duties as assigned. Official court reporters are placed on a regular tour of duty that requires their presence in the courthouse during core working hours of a minimum of eighty (80) hours per period. This position requires the ability to work extended court hours.

Open until filled